Grabbing a dump file of another process via MiniDumpWriteDump

I was debugging a particular audio problem and I needed a process dump with full memory.

I used an internal gather-dumps tool and asked it to give me a bunch of dumps of the problem with full memory… and it gave me some dumps without full memory.

This told me that either the gather-dumps tool was broken, or MiniDumpWriteDump was broken, or perhaps both were working fine and my debugger was lying to me about the full-memory-ness of the dumps I was looking at.

To help narrow the problem down, I created a tool that is a very simple wrapper around MiniDumpWriteDump. This grabbed full memory dumps just fine, so I turned my attention toward the internal gather-dumps tool.


minidumpwritedump.exe [--help | -? | /?]
minidumpwritedump.exe --processId <processId> --dumpType <dumpType> --fileName <fileName>


EDIT 2020-06-30: added a PowerShell script to translate a MINIDUMP_TYPE number into a human-readable set of values


.\minidump_type.ps1 -minidump_type 482707
MiniDumpWithDataSegs, MiniDumpWithFullMemory, MiniDumpScanMemory, MiniDumpFilterModulePaths, MiniDumpWithProcessThreadData, MiniDumpWithoutOptionalData, MiniDumpWithFullMemoryInfo, MiniDumpWithThreadInfo, MiniDumpWithoutAuxiliaryState, MiniDumpWithPrivateWriteCopyMemory, MiniDumpIgnoreInaccessibleMemory, MiniDumpWithTokenInformation

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