Adding logs to a reported problem in Feedback Hub

Last time I talked about how to report problems (with logs) and make suggestions in the Feedback Hub. I mentioned how to add logs when reporting a problem for the first time.

You can also add logs to problems that have already been reported.

  1. Start > Feedback Hub > Feedback | Find the problem report you want to add logs to. Note you have various filtering and sorting options.
  2. Click/tap on the specific problem report in question > Add feedback details > Recreate my problem > Start capture
  3. Make the problem happen; monitoring will continue in the background. This will go into a circular buffer. It’s OK if it takes a long time for the problem to happen; new data will overwrite old data.
  4. Come back to the Feedback Hub > Stop capture. It’s important to do this as soon as you can, once the problem has happened.
  5. Use the Submit or Submit and upvote to send us the logs. (You will see Submit and upvote if someone else submitted the feedback originally, and you have not yet upvoted it. If you submitted the issue originally, or you have already upvoted it, you will see Submit.)

EDIT: 2016-11-01 The screenshot shows “Audio and sound” and “Media Issues”. Since taking the screenshot we have removed “Audio and sound”; use “Media Issues” instead.

EDIT: 2017-10-11 We have now added an “Audio Glitches”. Use that instead.

EDIT: 2018-05-29 We’re back to “Audio and sound” again, and the UI has changed considerably. Updated screenshots and removed references to Phone.

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