Report problems, with logs, and suggest features, with the Feedback Hub

If you run into a problem with Windows 10, or if you would like to make a suggestion, you can use the Feedback Hub app.

(Xbox has a similar but not identical mechanism for reporting problems, called the Xbox Insider Hub)

  1. Launch the Feedback Hub app. Do a search for the thing you’re looking for. I used “usb” as an example.
  2. You can filter the category and subcategory down to make searching simpler. Note in the screenshot I have filtered down to Category: Devices and Drivers and Subcategory: Audio and sound.
  3. If you see your problem or suggestion listed already, use Upvote to reinforce it, and you’re done!
  4. If it isn’t there, congratulations – you are a pioneer! Use + Add new feedback
  5. You can select whether this is a problem or a suggestion. Give a quick summary in the title and more detail in the description. You can also attach screenshots or other files.
  6. If you are reporting a problem, it is very helpful for developers to have logs of the problem as it is happening.
    1. Use Recreate my problem > Start capture to start the log collection. Start capture will change to Stop capture.
    2. Make the problem happen.
    3. As soon as possible after the problem has happened, come back to the Feedback Hub and Stop capture. A “Recorded diagnostic data” file will be automatically attached to the feedback.
  7. Submit

If you want to share a direct link to the feedback you filed, you can use the Copy link feature.

But how do you find it again?

Well, you could search for it. But there’s a trick to make it easier. You can limit search results to feedback you have filed by clicking My feedback in the search screen. Use Sort: Most recent to get your most recently filed feedback at the top.

EDIT 2018-05-29: updated screenshots, removed references to Phone

10 thoughts on “Report problems, with logs, and suggest features, with the Feedback Hub

  1. I’ve been into settings and privacy and the settings for microphone is allowed for everything. BUT it is not seen, when I try to record it says “NO MICROPHONE FOUND”. In devices there is no image for a microphone, only a loudspeaker image is there. I’ve tried all the normal fault finding feachers. and I still can not record anything,


  2. hola.
    tras tu respuesta que me distes con el problema de los altavoces que no me los reconoce, e hecho todo lo que me pasaste en la pagina y ni aun asi lo reconoce.
    No e montado ningun altavoz nunca, son los del propio ordenador que lleva de serie, el lunes me salio el icono del alavox con una cruz roja y no me funcionan.


  3. Wie wäre es, wenn Sie konkret angeben was Sie im Bericht konkret benötigen. Ein Programm könnte dafür hilfreich sein. So wie hier arbeitet kein Techniker, geschweige denn ein Dipl. Ingenieur Die hier vorgefundenen Anforderungen sind schwammig und unpräzise, da weiß man gleich das hier keine Lust zur Problemlösung vorhanden ist.dieser Dilettantismus zeigt das hier vorherrschende Desinteresse.


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