Riffing on Raymond – incrementing the reference count on a smart pointer

Last Friday, Raymond Chen blogged about how to use a function that released one of its inputs with various smart pointer classes.

He made two suggestions, and I offered a third:

  1. (Raymond) tell the smart pointer class to release ownership to the function
  2. (Raymond) use a different function that doesn’t release the input
  3. (Me) take an explicit reference on the function’s behalf

Raymond suggested that I should actually try my suggestion. So I did.

For each of the four smart pointer types, I tried four different ways to add a reference. Here are the results:

Smart pointer type .AddRef() ->AddRef() Cast to IUnknown * Get underlying pointer
Microsoft::WRL::ComPtr Compile error Compile error Compile error .Get()
ATL::CComPtr Compile error Compile error OK .p
_com_ptr_t OK OK OK .GetInterfacePtr()
std::unique_ptr Compile error OK Compile error .get()

Here’s the code I used.

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