Taking audio glitch traces on Windows 10: phone edition

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Sometimes if audio is glitching we will reach out to people and ask them to take glitch traces so we can look at them and try to figure out what is going on.

One of the tools we use to take audio glitch traces on Windows 10 phone editions is Field Medic; this is an app in the Windows Store.

To take audio glitch traces on a Windows 10 phone:

  1. On the phone:
    1. Install the Field Medic app
    2. Start | All apps | Field Medic
    3. Agree to the EULA
    4. Advanced
    5. Choose which ETW providers to use
    6. From the “…” menu, choose unselect all
    7. Under Default Group check the Multimedia-Verbose checkbox
    8. Hit the Back button to return to Advanced
    9. Hit the Back button again to return to the main Field Medic screen
    10. Hit Start Logging
    11. Note that Start Logging has become Stop Logging and a counter is advancing
    12. Reproduce the problem. The logging will continue in the background. It’s OK if it takes a while to reproduce the problem – the logging goes into a circular buffer, and old data is overwritten with new data. It is important, though, that once you do hit the issue, you should stop the logging as soon as possible (say, within 10 seconds.)
    13. Go back the Field Medic app | Stop Logging
    14. Enter a title, repro steps, attach images etc.
  2. Plug the phone into the computer via USB
  3. On the computer:
    1. Start | File Explorer | This PC | Windows phone | Phone | Documents | FieldMedic | reports
    2. You will see a subfolder containing your report
    3. Copy the whole subfolder over to the computer
    4. Right-click | Send to | Compressed (zipped) folder

At this point you have a .zip file containing your report text, images, and a FieldMedic-Multimedia-Verbose.etl file. This last can be analyzed using any tool that consumes .etl files, including:

  • Windows Performance Analyzer, which is part of the Windows Performance Toolkit
  • Media eXperience Analyzer

Both are part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)

EDIT 9/19/2016

  • Changed Multimedia + Performance to Multimedia-Verbose
  • Removed old “profile exclusivity” warning
  • Media eXperience Analyzer is now part of the ADK

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